April 2018

Launch website

Asset management company EQUIAM had two goals when it came to establish a web presence.

First, to educate users on the asset class they were promoting, namely stock of private tech companies, and motivate potential investments.

Second, to increase the conversions on their website.

Interactive Demo

The project scope extended to building a website which would fulfill the goals of educating and converting users, as well as establish EQUIAM as a highly trusted and credible company. The CEO and the Head of Operations of EQUIAM provided guidelines for the content to go on the website and branding. Overall, the project lasted four weeks and was pursued in a structured manner with feedback sessions and exploration of different ideas from EQUIAM contributors.

    • Week 1. Requirements, draft content and wireframes
    • Week 2-3. Rapid development cycles with frequent feedback
    • Week 4. Compliance and content review

Philippe’s work on the EQUIAM website completely exceeded our expectations. We provided limited high-level requirements giving Philippe full reign to develop the stylistic feel and various design elements of the website. We were incredibly impressed with the initial draft and quickly worked to perfect the final product. Ultimately, he delivered a beautiful and functional website which has been instrumental in converting dozens of leads into investors and generating millions of dollars of AUM for the EQUIAM Private Tech30 Fund.

John Zic, Head of Operations at EQUIAM