The Legacy Conference: Canada’s Premier Student Entrepreneurship Event

3M is a leader of innovation...
so are we!

3M combines science, technology, creativity and innovation to make a real impact, stimulating progress to inspire people & communities around the globe!

  1. We recognized a problem for homelessness... we created a soccer-referee employment program
  2. We recognized an employment need for those suffering from mental illness... we employed them with an innovative cigarette recycling service
  3. We experienced firsthand the lack of potential and networking for student entrepreneurs across Canada... WE CREATED LEGACY!

Inspire top students

3M improves every person's life around the world.

We would like a keynote speaker from 3M to speak at our conference so that our attendees can hear firsthand what it means to be innovative in this new age of rapidly growing technologies.

We would love to have one of one of these speakers:

3M'er Post-it Note competition

Our conference attracts young aspiring student entrepreneurs. Students who are Canada's next generation of leaders, and all of them have their own idea on how to improve people's lives in Canada.

Every attendee will participate in our 3M-er Post-it notes competition. Each will be given a Post-it note where they can write their ideas on "How to improve people's lives in Canada". Those notes are then submitted to 3M judges, who select the best ideas!

The top winners will have the opportunity to interview with 3M. The top winner will receive support mentorship from our community partners to make their idea a reality. All Post-it notes will be displayed on our Plenary's wall and will be shared on social media.

Sharing the innovative 3M-er spirit!

We will be filming our high-profile speakers and participating startups. Compiled into a video montage, their ideas will be showcased at the conference on social media following the Legacy conference.

We will be providing 3M with prime real estate for the creation of an innovative display booth.

We will also be providing 3M with a personalized reception room where they will be able to host and info-sessions, provide on-site interviews & host the 3M Post-it not competition!

Let's make innovation happen... together
The Legacy Conference serves to impact budding entrepreneurs, and provide them with the tools to start and grow their business. This year the Legacy Conference is set on hosting 600+ students as Canada’s largest student-led entrepreneurship conference.

Victoria Lennox, founder and CEO of Startup Canada

Ottawa, Canada   •   April 1st-3rd, 2016
1st of its kind interactive workshop in Canada
600+ student leaders from across Canada
lead by the social innovators of Enactus uOttawa
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Legacy uOttawa
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